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Can my father's Trust protect my assets?

September, 2011

demoQ - I am working on my father's trust and started transferring his assets as required.  I like the protection that's provided by his Trust, can I use his trust to protect my assets?  A - Once you have completed all the elements of the trust, including the transfer of assets, the trust is considered finished.  And no, unfortunately you cannot use your father's trust for your assets, but if your father's Trust was completed by us, you are eligible for our preferred client pricing, call us to find out more.  

Current News:

HIPAA Compliance

April 2003

demoThe Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) provides protection for release of individually identifiable health information and special release and consent authority to all healthcare providers before medical information can be released.  HIPAA effects documents executed in a trust, as such, it is not grandfathered in which means that it can render executed documents of previous executed Living Trust useless.  Ensure your Living Trust is in compliance with these regulation.  All IntegriTas Living Trust are in compliance with the order. 


Who Contacts  the Survivors? 

December, 2011

demoQ - My father died and I believe he had a trust.  Does the attorney contact me to discuss my dad's last requests?  I don't have the attorney's information and how does the attorney know that he is deceased?  A - Unless the attorney was a friend or the Trustee for your dad, its unlikely he would know that your father passed.  So first, you need to start checking around the house for the trust manual.  Did your dad have a safety-deposit box? Once you have located the manual, you can determine who is the Successor Trustee and who will carry out the provisions of your dad's trust.  If someone else has been named Successor Trustee, you will need to get in contact with that person to ensure they carry out the orders of the trust.


All About Us

Even though the name IntegriTas has been in existence for some time, a new direction began when Rick R. Hollis became the Chief Executive Officer and President.  Our focus is to earn the respect of every Trust client, become the very best in designing Trusts and Estate Plans protecting client’s assets during life, and at their passing.  In order to complete this task Integritas must first educate the public, if you do not plan for the worse that can happen, it will be worse on children and heirs.  The older ways of thinking are of no value today simply because our total estates are worth more in value.

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To earn the respect of our clients, (families, and Financial Advisors of Major Investment Brokerage Firms) we make the Trust process simple, easy to understand, and affordable.  By designing a complete Trust, one you are in control of, IntegriTas has eliminated add-on costs which saves clients money during the life time of a trust.  Our Trust services and Affiliate Attorneys are client friendly.   Our Staff Members are knowledgeable, caring, and our passion is our business.

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Cathy Grant,
Operation Executive and Assistant to the CEO.
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Julie Smith,
Director of Trust Executions, and
Assistant to Affiliated Attorneys.

Bill Granstaff, Ph.D.,
Trust Specialist, Trust Specialist in Oklahoma City and Advisor to the CEO.

Our Client Development Staff 
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Katrina, Jim, Robert, Amanda, Michael, Krystal

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